Our main fields of application are: Medical Devices, Mobile Hydraulic Machines, Industrial Machines.


We have been developing innovation projects in the industrial sector for more than 20 years, supporting our customers in launching successful and highly reliable products onto the market. We have strong expertise in system and functional safety.


Research and development services are our core business and our company’s strength. Electronic design, hardware and software, is performed within formalized development cycles including activities such as Risk Management, Unit, Integration and System Verification, Traceability, etc., in order to ensure robust, reliable, and compliant outputs.


MediCon has a production department which performs electronic board testing, assembly, wiring, programming and final testing of equipment and systems, as well as a purchasing office and electronic components warehouse.

We are able to completely manage production on behalf of our customers thanks to a network of trusted companies operating in the field of printed circuit board production, pcb assembly mounting, mechanical processing and molding.


Medicon Ingegneria is a Research and Development center active in the areas of embedded electronics, hardware and software.

Our main fields of application are: Medical Devices, Hydraulic Mobile Machinery and Industrial Machinery. For twenty years we have developed hundreds of innovation projects with industry, allowing our customers to place successful and reliable products on the market.
We have extensive experience in system and functional safety.


Our aim is to perform research, design and consulting with the best technologies, complying with laws and standards, and making use of state-of-the-art methodologies for research and development, risk management, and documentation.


MediCon carries out industrial research programs both on behalf of customers and on internal projects. MediCon's research programs are aimed at acquiring new knowledge and skills, to then be applied to product development.

Tecnology &

We use technological solutions of proven reliability and performance and state-of-the-art equipment.