Aesthetic products and Regulation EU 2017/745

The Regulation EU 2017/745 on Medical Devices introduced important changes concerning aesthetic or another non-medical purpose products but which are similar to medical devices in terms of functioning and risks. These products shall be covered by the Regulation Specifications regarding the application of risk management and clinical evaluation regarding safety will be adopted for groups […]

Industrial research

MediCon carries out industrial research in both customers’ and its own projects. MediCon’s research programs are aimed to acquire new knowledge and skills which are subsequently applied to product developments. MediCon acknowledges that it is important to involve the universities in its research programs. For this reason, MediCon collaborates with the University of Bologna. Current […]

MediCon Ingegneria is included in KETs Centres mapping of European Commission

MediCon Ingegneria is proud to annouce its inclusione among the KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) Centres mapped by the European Commission. See our page on KETs Tools – European Commission The mission of MediCon Ingegneria in this field is to help our customers, and in particular SMEs, to speed up the development and commercialization of their […]

IEC 62304/A1 – Medical device software – Software life-cycle processes

The standard IEC 62304/A1:2015-06 contains important amendments to the IEC 62304 related to Medical device software. This standard has been approved by CENELEC as EN 62304/A1:2015-10. Some key points: A new and more extensive software safety classification method is provided. Identification and avoidance of common software defects is required. More requrements are now applicable to […]

Research program: Multi-parametric model for estimation of arterial CO2 tension via oxygenator exhaust capnometry in extracorporeal lung support devices

Capnometry is the measurement of carbon dioxide concentration in respiratory gases. Even if the traditional use of capnometry is related to respiratory monitoring field, the use of this measurement in extracorporeal blood circulation devices for cardiopulmonary bypass has been proved. In particular, a capnometer can be placed in the exhaust port of an extracorporeal oxygenator […]

MediCon Stepper Motor Control Board for medical devices

MediCon Stepper Motor Control Board for medical devices is an ultra low noise stepper motor control board particularly intended to drive peristaltic pumps in extra-corporeal blood circulation or in other medical devices that manage fluids. It includes analog inputs for pressure sensors, used to monitor pressure on the blood lines, and input/test signals for air/bubble […]

MediCon to release v.2.00 of MedWi Mobile Machine Controllers with wireless connectivity

MedWi Mobile Machine Controllers v.2.00 is a platform of general-purpose, flexible, powerful, and expandable controller units for mobile machines. MedWi Mobile Machine Controllers feature proprietary, 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, in order to reduce cable requirements, and 3-axes accelerometer to determine the spatial orientation of the controller Read more Download Fact Sheet  

The New EU Regulations on medical devices has been published

On April 5th, 2017, two Regulations on medical devices which establish a modernised and more robust EU legislative framework to ensure better protection of public health and patient safety  has been published. Some key points: Manufacturers shall have available within their organisation at least one person responsible for regulatory compliance who possesses the requisite expertise […]

Research program: High performance control solutions for PMSM

The research program include the following main topics: MATLAB – Simulink modeling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) and relevant s Field-Oriented Control (FOC) Model-based design of Control system Simulation of entire system (Motor + Control system) Code generation with Simulink Coder and deployment on target hardware Measurement of target hardware performances and validation of […]

MediCon Ingegneria IoT on Engineers’ Guide to Microchip Technology

MediCon Ingegneria published its approach to IoT on Engineers’ Guide to Microchip Technology, 2017 edition. Key Points: Set up a local LR-WPAN, to interconnect parts of your product / system / plant Ability to interconnect large number of nodes (hundreds / thousands) in a defined area Cost competitive cable replacement Robust and reliable data connection […]