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Teoresi dà il benvenuto a MediCon Ingegneria

Teoresi welcomes MediCon Ingegneria

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CHIARA by Medicon

The Market

MediCon Ingegneria is an SME with more than 20 years’ experience in Industrial Research and Electronic Design. Specifically, it carries out R&D activities on entire devices, including industrial prototyping and certification, with a team of over 12 engineers specialised in embedded electronics, hardware and software It has developed hundreds of products for customer, mostly medical devices.


Take advantage of the market knowledge and skills of the team, to launch CHIARA on the market: Chiara (Congestive Heart Impairment Advanced Removal Approach)
is the solution developed by MediCon Ingegneria for the removal of excess fluids by slow continuous ultrafiltration, in patients weighing more than 20 kg with
congestive heart failure or suffering from fluid overload.

Minimally invasive solution– reduced discomfort for patient- ease of installation
– more options for suitable venous access
– broadening of candidate patient population
– reduced extracorporeal blood volume (50-60 ml)

Gentle Ultrafiltration approach
– atraumatic blood pumping system with reduced risks of hemolysis
– low noise operation
– slow and continuous blood flowrate
– asymmetrical blood flow for managing compromised venous access

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1. Single needle vascular access
Minimally invasive venous access with a single-lumen cannula inserted in a peripheral vein.

2. Haemocatch system
To check peripheral patient access has suitable blood flow.

3. Syringe pump in place of peristaltic
Working with a two-chamber “ball” element and asymmetrical flowrate setting in blood withdrawal and return.

4. Pumpless intermittent ultrafiltration system
“Through motorized clamp on the ultrafiltrate collection line for reduced and constant ultrafiltration pressure


Chiara is a medical device for gentle Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration in patients weighing more than 20 kg.

Blood ultrafiltration principle

The principle of operation is extracorporeal ultrafiltration, which is the removal of plasma water from whole blood across the semipermeable membranes of a hemofilter, driven by a transmembrane pressure gradient.

Minimally invasive approach

Chiara implements a gentle and minimally invasive ultrafiltration approach with controlled fluid removal, with the advantage of extending the target of patient candidates for therapy, reducing the occurrence of adverse events and improving therapeutic performance.

Safe for fragile patients

Chiara is indicated on patients suffering from congestive heart failure in hospital setting and potential use in outpatient setting. Our target market amounts to over 1.3 million treatments/year in Europe.


Commercialization strategy


Healthcare structures, hospitals or clinics


Thanks to the minimally invasive approach, reduced procedural risks and lower surveillance Requirement, CHIARA could potentially be used in emergency department or in outpatient Care, avoiding the admission in ICU.
The reduction of hospitalization and readmission rate can consequently reduce the costs for healthcare facility.

Final beneficiaries

Fluid overload patients needing to remove excess fluid in a safe and effective way

Commercial partner

Product’s distributor on a national and international scale

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Find out how MediCon Ingegneria can help you improve your project and reach your goals.