regards Industrial Research and Development in the field of hardware and software digital electronic systems, based on microcontrollers, of relevant analog interface systems (sensing and actuation), and data communication.
Moreover, we perform consulting in electronic engineering filed.

Esterno MediCon

Our aim is to perform research, design and consulting with the best technologies, respecting laws and standards, making use of state-of-the-art methodologies for research and development, risk management, and documentation.


we intend to use for achieving our aim are constant technical update, flexibility, and resources optimization. This is possible because of our team, only formed by electronic engineers.


MediCon Riunione

The form of collaboration with our customers ranges from R&D support, during overload periods, up to the complete research and design of devices, including industrialized prototype supply.


MediCon’s production division is structured for the following activities: Procurement, Incoming Goods Quality Control, Device assembly and test, and Final Quality Control of equipments and systems.

Through a net of companies we trust, operating in the field of PCB production, electronic component mounting, Metallic carpentry, and Plastic molding, we can also manage the entire production cycle on our customers behalf.


MediCon Ingegneria guarantees the confidentiality of information and the intellectual property of our customers.


Medicon Ingegneria believes that the implementation and the respect of a quality policy is a strategic choice for the company success.

Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network

MediCon Ingegneria is part of Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network. We are committed to the cooperation with other partecipants to the Network, and to partecipate to the Network’s and Aster’s activities.