Risk management is the fundamental activity that guarantees the safety of products and makes it possible to obtain any type of certification.

Risk management takes a fundamental place in the development cycle of our projects, accompanying all development, system, hardware and software phases. Moreover, we can execute risk management on behalf of our customers.

Risk management is carried out in conformity with appropriate standards applicable to the specific industry sector.

An example of the application of risk management in a cycle is as follows:

  • Identification of product specifications
  • Identification of potential hazards connected with the product
  • Risk analysis and evaluation of each hazard
  • For each hazard, identification of the hazardous events related to the equipment.
  • Fault Tree Analysis for each hazardous event
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis for each leaf of the FTA, corresponding to a device component at the requested level of detail.
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk tolerability evaluation
  • Identification and development of risk reduction measures
  • Hazard evaluation of risk reduction measures
  • Final evaluation of all the identified hazards
  • Result of risk management – product safety evaluation

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