Hardware design is carried out through the following steps and criteria:

System architecture design, in terms of:

  • functional blocks and corresponding electronic boards
  • functional requirements of each blocks, and input/output characteristics
  • logic and physical connections among blocks/boards and external environment. Example: communication signal type/cables and connectors

Block/board design

Use of optimized circuital solutions for each application. The optimization is obtained maximizing the sum of the following elements, according to their weights assigned for each design

  • safety
  • performances
  • price
  • reliability
  • miniaturization or conformity to specific physical dimensions
  • use of specific components

Component selection, according to previous and following criteria

  • stability of feedback circuits, according to specified margins
  • respect of functional limits of each component, according to their mutual connection, to connection to external devices, to power source, and to environmental conditions

Conformity with standards

  • We can perform some preliminary tests for compliance to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. Moreover, we offer full support for test execution at accredited laboratories.