Verification& Validation

Verification& Validation

Verification and Validation are essential activities for meeting industry regulations, as well as ensuring adequate product quality.

The verification activity consists in confirming, through objective evidence, that the input requirements are completely and correctly implemented.

The Validation activity consists in confirming that the input requirements for the intended use are met. This confirmation shall be based on evidence deriving from a set of activities, including Verification, Risk Management, Usability Analysis, etc.

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Our approach to V&V includes:

Verification activities

The verification process within the hardware and software development cycle is extended to each individual activity. Specifically:

    1. Verification of completeness of hardware and software requirements with respect to system requirements
    2. Formal verification of the architectural design with respect to hardware and software requirements
    3. Formal verification of the detailed design with respect to the architectural design and requirements
    4. Formal verification on the unit implementation with respect to the detailed design
    5. Verification, through tools and automated tests, of implemented units
    6. Instrumental checks of software and hardware-software integration
    7. System Verifications


Verification activities are supported by various tools.

In addition to the usual electronic laboratory instrumentation, the following tools are used:

    1. Test management system, web based, for the management of test cases, test suites, test plans e test projects.
    2. Software Unit testing framework
    3. Software Static analysis tool
    4. Software Runtime analysis tool

Specific tools, both hardware and software, are developed and validated for the automation and support of the verification processes

Conformity assessment

As part of the verification activities, conformity assessments are carried out with respect to the standards applicable to specific products. This involves performing tests and measurements according to the methodologies and use of instruments as required by the standards. Our company can perform and support the execution of conformity assessments, carrying out all the required tests and measurements.  MediCon collaborates with certified laboratories to achieve complete conformity assessment to standards.

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