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Teoresi dà il benvenuto a MediCon Ingegneria

Teoresi welcomes MediCon Ingegneria

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Teoresi and MediCon Ingegneria are finalizing preparations for their first joint participation at MEDICA, one of the world’s largest B2B medical industry trade fairs.

The event will take place in Düsseldorf from November 13 to 16, 2023. At our booth F21, in Hall H12, visitors will have the opportunity to explore our innovative solutions, including remote vital signs monitoring and telerehabilitation. These solutions, the result of intensive work and development, are ready to be showcased in the renowned setting of MEDICA, known for its extensive international participation, with over 4,500 exhibitors from 66 countries and more than 81,000 visitors from around the world.  Teoresi, in collaboration with Medicon Ingegneria, aims to establish itself as a one-stop partner and accelerate its growth in this ever-evolving sector. 

The solutions that will be presented at Medica include: 

  • AI-based Telerehabilitation, allowing remote rehabilitation exercises with continuous AI-generated feedback on execution.
  • Smart Remote Consultation, a service facilitating remote medical consultations between doctors and patients, particularly beneficial for patients with limited mobility or when the doctor is at a distance.
  • CHIARA, a device for extracorporeal blood ultrafiltration.

The Role of Medicon Engineering: Insights with Guido Comai, Chief Technology Officer. 

How does CHIARA, one of the devices available at our booth, work, and what sets it apart? 

CHIARA is a device for extracorporeal blood ultrafiltration. It was designed for the treatment of acute and chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) and, more generally, for any condition that requires fluid removal from the blood. It is a medically certified device according to the latest European regulations, but it is also a technological platform available to our customers for the development of new devices and therapies. 

What other devices will be showcased at the fair? 

It will be possible to delve deeper into the functioning of the Extracorporeal Blood Treatment Subsystems, which is essentially a demonstrator of our extracorporeal circulation technologies. This includes components such as peristaltic and syringe pumps, ultra-silent electro-pincers, sensors for non-invasive and air-free blood parameter measurement. With these components, fully revealed in all their mechanical and electronic aspects, we can assemble devices for various types of blood treatments, such as apheresis, hemoperfusion, and ECCO2R. All of this is available to our customers, enabling them to collaborate with us in creating the specific device they aim to develop, thereby accelerating their time to market. 

Since Medicon Ingegneria has previously participated in MEDICA, what can you tell us about this event? 

Participating in Medica enables us to showcase our offerings to a wide audience, fostering valuable connections for business growth. This experience has significantly impacted our Company by strengthening relationships with key stakeholders and enhancing our team’s international identity. 


WAITING FOR MEDICA: An Interview with Federico Cursano, Life Sciences Industry Manager. 

How has the life sciences sector evolved at Teoresi? 

Between 2016 and 2017, we began exploring the Life Sciences sector. Subsequently, Teoresi made a significant investment in the NANOCAN project: an innovative device capable of performing biopsies, spectroscopy, and controlled drug release in situ with extreme precision. This initiative, which also involved important academic and healthcare institutions, enhanced our specific expertise and garnered significant interest from the sector. It was a natural progression to increase our focus on the medical field, in perfect alignment with the company’s vision of “Engineering for human life.” 

What have been the most significant milestones achieved so far? 

 In 2022, we established an internal unit devoted to this sector, and by the start of 2023, it had evolved into the creation of a dedicated sales team. And to cap it off (though it’s only the beginning!), in September 2023, we acquired MediCon Ingegneria, an Italian company with extensive expertise in the research, design, and development of digital electronic systems, as well as the certification of medical devices. This acquisition now enables us to genuinely position ourselves as a comprehensive partner in the Life Sciences industry. 

What was your approach to the role of Life Sciences Industry Manager? Tell us about it. 

Initially, I analyzed Life Sciences market trends at both macro and micro levels, identifying opportunities for Teoresi’s intervention. Leveraging technical expertise from other sectors, I developed a specific commercial offering. It was validated through meetings with potential clients and partners, enabling continuous improvement. My focus spanned diagnostic and therapeutic devices, imaging, digital health, and radioisotope containment. I also promoted collaboration among Teoresi departments, including Innovation and Marketing. 

What do you expect from Medica? 

From Medica 2023, I expect to consolidate and expand our network of knowledge and relationships, increase the number of leads through our booth, and position Teoresi as a standout in the Life Sciences sector. I am confident that the co-exhibition of our demos and solutions with Medicon Ingegneria will be crucial in conveying to potential clients that our offering is now comprehensive, from concept to production. 


The time has come to meet in Düsseldorf from November 13 to 16 at our booth F21, Hall H12.  

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