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Research program: Wireless sensor network for advanced industrial and biomedical application

In modern industry, data processing systems must be able to receive, aggregate and process information from different sources to achieve complex tasks of production control and coordination. Examples are the real-time monitoring of the quality and quantity of products, biometric data acquisition in the rehabilitation procedures.
One of the technology challenges to the transport of information from a multitude of elements present in the environment up to a gateway, which makes this information available for aggregation and processing of the highest level.
Energy efficiency in the data communication system is important in wireless networks. Reduce power consumption in the data exchange can prolong the operating life of battery-powered devices and save energy in a global scale. In this direction, a fundamental step, is accurately model the energy consumption for data communication over a wireless link for the system of interest.
Depending on the final application, all the different factors are optimized in the research and development phase to obtain the best performance.

Three year research program, Nov. 2016 – Nov. 2019.

Researcher: Massimo Ballerini, 32° Cycle student, Ph.D. Program in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies Engineering (ET-IT), Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering (DEI) of the University of Bologna, Italy


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