Since many years, embedded electronics is changing everyday people’s life. Recently, some emerging technologies, such as
– LR-WPAN transceivers, antennas and software stacks,
– Low power and high performances microcontollers,
– Wireless battery charging,
– Miniaturized sensors,
– 4th and 5th generation of mobile telecommunication standards
– etc…
may allow the move in a new, high-tech way of living.
In spite of these exciting premises, the potential of these new technologies still have a limited impact on the majority of products on the market. One of the reasons, is the challenge to archive and combine strong reliability and usability of products based on these new technologies.
MediCon has 20 years of experience in developing embedded electronics for many applications where reliability and usability are key factors: medical, machinery, etc.
We are committed in developing innovative, reliable and high-performance solutions, that can turn ideas into successful products.