Hardware design is performed through a formalised development cycle that includes the following main activities
  • Definition of hardware requirements starting from system requirements, with allocation of functionality to be implemented in hardware
  • Hardware architecture design, including block diagram and selection of electronic components
  • Detailed design of the individual circuit sections, including component dimensioning and, where necessary, simulations and/or experiments
  • Unit testing on prototype of individual circuit sections, under all operating conditions, including fault conditions
  • Hardware – software and system integration verifications
  • Traceability of requirements throughout the development cycle
  • Configuration management and versioning of all design items

Technologies and architectures

System architecture design

  • functional blocks and corresponding electronic boards
  • functional requirements of each blocks, and input/output characteristics
  • logic and physical connections among blocks/boards and external environment. Example: communication signal type/cables and connectors

Block/board design

Use of optimized circuital solutions for each application. The optimization is obtained maximizing the sum of the following elements, according to their weights assigned for each design

  • safety
  • performances
  • price
  • reliability
  • miniaturization or conformity to specific physical dimensions
  • use of specific components

Component selection, according to previous and following criteria

  • stability of feedback circuits, according to specified margins
  • respect of functional limits of each component, according to their mutual connection, to connection to external devices, to power source, and to environmental conditions

Conformity with standards

We can perform some preliminary tests for compliance to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. Moreover, we offer full support for test execution at accredited laboratories.


Our laboratory includes the following main equipment


PicoScope 2205
PicoScope 5444B

Generatori di funzioni

TTI waveform generator TG315 TTI waveform generator TG5011 PicoScope 5444B


FLUKE Digital multimeter 179 FLUKE Digital multimeter 287


FLUKE Temperature probe 80T
Delta Ohm Temperature Pressure transducer HD2304.0
Delta Ohm Pressure probe TP704-2BAI
Delta Ohm sicram module PP471
LTL Electronic centesimal gauge
Testo Termoigrometer 608-H1
Chauvin Arnoux Current Probe E3N


IAR Systems I-jet
Microchip ICD3
Microchip ICD4
Microcip REAL ICE
Segger J-Link
Freescale CodeWarrior USBTAP
Renesas E8a

Analizzatori di protocollo

TRIDONIC PC interface for DALI systems 24138923
Kvaser CAN analyzer CG150
Picoscope 2205
PicoScope 5444B

Alimentatori da banco

RND Power supply 320-KD3005D
LYTRON Power supply NG-2500

Strumenti per misura delle correnti di dispersione, resistenza di isolamento e continuità conduttore di terra

BENDER Tester Unimet 810ST

Trasformatori variabili

Carroll & Meynell Variac CMV 3E-1

Stazioni saldanti


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